About Lewannick Parish


The Parish of Lewannick contains the villages of Lewannick, Polyphant and Trevadlock and the hamlets of Tinney Hall, Trenhorne, Trevell and Plusha. Lewannick village is five miles south west of Launceston in Cornwall, a mile off the main A30 road. From it’s position near the top of a hill there are views of nearby Bodmin moor. Lewannick village has a Shop and Post Office, Pub, Church, School, Village Hall, Doctor’s Surgery, Garage and Old People’s Home.



Polyphant is notable for it’s beautiful tree-lined green which occupies the centre of the village. It has a Methodist Church which also serves as a village meeting place.

The parish of Lewannick is a mixture of dairy and arable farmland. Farms average sixty to a hundred acres usually employing family labour or one or two local people. Crops are grassland for grazing, hay and silage with some barley for winter feeding. The land is open and hilly, a few wooded areas, steeper slopes on which beef cattle graze. Sheep also graze the rougher land. Stone walls and hedges enclose the fields giving protection from rough weather from Bodmin Moor. The old stone cottages and farmhouses,  are interspersed with modern bungalows. A considerable number of cottages and bungalows are occupied by non-local retired people. St Martin’s Church, Polyphant Methodist chapel, Archer Arms and Lewannick Village Hall, provide meeting places.