Lewannick Village

The village of Lewannick is five miles south west of Launceston situated near the top of a hill.

The name is spelt variously in old documents as Lawaneck, Lewanecke, Lanwennock, Lawaneke and Lewanak.

Two carved stones give a clue to its ancient origins. The first, inside St Martin’s Church dates from Roman times and has inscriptions in Latin and Ogham, an ancient British alphabet. The second, in the churchyard is inscribed only in Ogham.

There are a number of old buildings in the village dating back to the fourteenth or fifteenth century and the nearby Manor of Trelaske is mentioned in the Doomesday book.

Not far from the church is Blaunders well which may have been one of the reasons why a settlement was made here.

St Martin’s Church, Lewannick

Kellys Lewannick 1926

Lewannick in the 1860s – extract from the Cornish & Devon