Lewannick Parish Council

Ordinary Parish Council meetings are held alternately between Polyphant and Lewannick. The venues are Polyphant Chapel and Lewannick Village Hall and generally meetings are open to the public. If you have an issue to raise you need to communicate with the Clerk of the Council well before the meeting, so it can be added to the agenda. There is also, usually, a short period at the beginning of each meeting when members of the public can speak. Notice of meetings and agenda will be placed on notice boards located in Polyphant and Lewannick no later than 3 working days prior to an ordinary meeting. Urgent matters may be dealt with at an Extraordinary meeting. These are also open to the general public unless advertised as a closed meeting.

The Parish Council have their own website. Please refer to this for specific details of meetings, Councillors, who to contact, and much more information etc. 

Click here: https://www.lewannickpc.org.uk



Lewannick Parish Council is the local authority that makes decisions on behalf of people in the parish.  It is the level of government closest to the community, with Cornwall Council above it in the hierarchy.

As it is the authority closest to the people, it is the first place people should go with concerns or ideas affecting them and the community.  For this reason it is a vital part of the community.

The Parish council makes decisions on issues such as planning matters (they are statutory consultees), crime prevention, managing open spaces, maintenance of roads and hedges, and campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities.

On their own, parish councils have limited powers to make decisions.  But they do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions such as Cornwall Council, health authorities, police etc.

The organisations that make the final decisions know that a parish council gives the best reflection of how a community feels about something, and its views will be taken seriously.